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More Info that you really need to know


Big gas outboard boats turn very easily. Too easily.  In fact, they really, really WANT to turn, and if you don't have enough servo torque to control the turning, your boat can get into a lot of trouble before you know it. Ordinary servos will turn your boat too fast, causing possible rollovers, or so slowly (i.e. sail servos) that you will be running in the weeds at the end of the pond instead of cutting cleanly around the buoys.  The pressure of the drive against the servos can strip the gears out the first time you try to make a turn, or when you try to straighten the boat out, which takes a LOT of torque. Just holding a straight course also takes a lot of servo torque.  Replacing servos is expensive, and the other damage from a rollover can even cost you your motor. Gas motors are not forgiving when they gulp a mouthful of pond water. They run so hot that the water turns to steam instantly and can blow the motor up or cause massive pitting of the piston. Neither is desirable. This is what makes the ServoCity servo-gearbox a sensible and economical choice. You need at least 1000 oz-in of torque and controlled speed for turning, which is hard to get from standard servos. The servo-gearbox combo will satisfy both conditions. Plenty of torque, and good turning speed. Here's the one we recommend. SPG805AMG5A, which is a top-mount* gearbox with a 5 to 1 reduction and a Hitec 5805 metal gear servo, pre-wired for around $160, plus shipping (about $7.00 in the US), Look at other combinations offered in the RobotZone on http://www.servocity.com and you will see other options, but unless you like soldering tiny wires onto electronic components, buy it pre-wired. This recommended combo will give you about 1250 oz-in of torque to work with, and good turning speed.  Full specs are on the website. Lawless Drives has worked out a discount offer from ServoCity. At the checkout, either online or on the phone, use the discount code CS061114-5 for a 5% discount, which will at least cover domestic shipping, maybe a little more. *(A top mount gearbox mounts on the rails in your radio box, like a standard servo)

IMPORTANT NOTE OF CAUTION!!!   NEVER, REPEAT, NEVER  drop or allow your boat to be dropped into the water at launch. The back end is extra heavy and may submerge, and WORSE, if the boat hits the water at an angle, the force applied to the servo arm by the weight of the drive (and motor and pipe) can cause the servo arm to slip on the servo shaft, putting your boat into an instant deadly dangerous circular path that you have no control over. This can lead to your boat being wrecked in mere seconds.


Glad you asked. If you put the gearbox inside your radio box, then try to attach the servo arm and steering rod ball joints, it is going to become way too crowded inside the box to work. Never afraid to improve on a good thing, we offer an extended output shaft for the gearbox, which you cannot get from ServoCity. Instead of having all that stuff INSIDE, we suggest that you think OUTSIDE the radio box and bring that extended shaft up thru the lid of the box, thru a waterproofing grommet and put the servo arm on with a clamp that we also thoughtfully provide. Then, you will not have the steering rods taking up valuable space inside the radio box, and only one seal to worry about instead of two. But, what if you need to get access to the radio box? Just loosen one clamp screw, lift the servo arm off the output shaft and open up the box. When you are finished, tape the lid back on, put the servo arm back on, re-center the servo and tighten the clamp. You don't have to disconnect anything in the steering rod assembly to completely remove the gearbox, either. You can CA glue the grommet into the lid and a little grease on the output shaft from time to time will keep it waterproof. The servo arm will be drilled and tapped for the ball joints. If you already purchased a drive, you may have to modify your drive's steering arm for the ball joints on that end. You can also order another steering arm that is pre-drilled and tapped, or you can even send us yours and we will fix it (free).


As a free service to our drive customers, we offer to: (1) order the gearbox for you, (2) modify it by installing a longer output shaft, and (3) modify your steering arm or supply one already modified with your drive. So all you have to do is make a hole in your radio box lid at the correct location, glue in the rubber grommet seal and install the gearbox in your boat.  After that, it is a simple matter of hooking up the steering rods at each end and putting on the clamps to set the length. Please note, all orders must be pre-paid, preferrably thru Paypal, but we also accept checks. Even if you do not have a Paypal account, you can use your credit card safely to pay your Paypal invoice.

As long as we're talking about other people's products, we also recommend that you invest in an "Easy Spin" or EZ-Pull" starter. They are sold under various names, but ZIPPKITS  http://www.zippkits.com sells a good one for a great price. The benefit of this device is NO MORE HARD YANKING on your start rope. If you have ever yanked and yanked on your  starter rope, getting madder and madder with each pull, then you know how frustrating that can be. The Easy Spin starter has a spring device that lets you pull slowly and easily until it suddenly spins the motor over faster than you can ever hope to. The motor will usually start with only a pull or two, and no lost tempers,  broken pull ropes or damaged transoms. Yes, you CAN damage the transom from hard yanking. Go to the Zippkits website and order yours, or ask us to get it with your servo gearbox and drive purchase.