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Propshaft Assembly for G-Drive, 1/4"

Standard 1/4" propshaft unit that fits the Lawless Cutthroat G-Drive. With bronze bushings, thrust washer, drive dog, and nut. Individual parts are also available. See the list.


Propshaft (bare) 1/4

This is the same propshaft that is at the heart of our G-Drive propshaft unit. If the other parts are still good, you can order this alone.


Coil Relocator for Zenoah Motor

This little bracket allows you to move the coil from the side of the motor, where it is virtually dragging in the water, up to the top of the motor, near the magneto. Also found in our throttle cable bracket kit (#1027).


Water Pickups for Lawless G-Drive

A pair of our special water pickups for your Lawless G-Drive. Highly effective, easy to replace if bent or broken. You should buy spares,


WindBreaker Water Deflector for G-Drive

A little kit for your Lawless G-Drive's gas motor to help keep water splash and spray out of your carb. It helps you choke the engine if it is not starting easily.  It will work on other outboard drive setups as well.


Throttle Cable Kit, with Coil Relocator

Use this kit on your Lawless Drive engine to re-route your throttle cable. Includes a bonus bracket to relocate the coil.


BushWhacker Steering Arm for G-Drive

Our tried-and-true solution for getting your servo's output directly to your drive. A solid, one-piece machined aluminum arm that attaches directly to your Lawless G-Drive, transmitting the servo torque to the exact pivot point for perfect steering accuracy.


Steering Rod Set - Heavy Duty

Our heavy duty aluminum steering rod set feature solid 1/4" diameter rods, adjustable length to fit most boats between 30" and 60" in length and rugged ball joints at both ends. The steering rods mate up between our custom designed steering arm and the ServoCity gearbox servo arm for perfect steering control.



Steering Rod Set - Medium Duty

Lighter weight steering rod set, same great quality


Swivel Transom Mount for G-Drive

This is the rugged, 3-piece swivel mount that is included with the drive package. However, if you have more than one boat, you can maximize your investment by using the same motor and drive on all of them. Adjusts vertically and swings up and down to allow for perfect positioning of the prop.


Backup Plate Set for G-Drive

Have you ever had your drive get loose and move around on your transom because the screws sunk into the wood, or the wood simply compressed behind the mount? Have you had threaded nut-inserts that pulled into the wood or rusted out? This set will prevent those things from happening, or cure the problem if it already has. Comes with your drive, but a definite must-have if you plan to run more than one boat with the same motor and drive.  (Flexshafts shown are not included with this item).


Steel Driver for G-Drive

A one-piece steel driver for your motor, to connect to the propshaft thru a square-ended flexshaft. This driver attaches to the tapered output shaft by means of a short, threaded steel insert. It actually tightens as you run the boat, no locking compound needed.