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Steering Rod Set - Heavy Duty
: 1030

Our heavy duty aluminum steering rod set feature solid 1/4" diameter rods, adjustable length to fit most boats between 30" and 60" in length and rugged ball joints at both ends. The steering rods mate up between our custom designed steering arm and the ServoCity gearbox servo arm for perfect steering control.



      Use our steering rod kit to transmit positive control from your servo to your drive. This kit is highly recommended for use with large gas outboard tunnels and larger nitro boats. (See the Standard Duty set #1130 for smaller boats). The solid aluminum rods are more flexible than hollow tube and will take a hit without bending or collapsing.
      The set is ideal to match up to the ServoCity servo gearbox (also highly recommended for large gas tunnels). We provide a special servo arm and clamp to fit the gearbox for the best steering solution you can have. Of course, the rods and ball joint ends take up some space, and space is usually limited inside a radio box. So, why not keep them outside the radio box? A longer output shaft that we can provide for the ServoCity gearbox can be brought out through the cover of the radio box and sealed with a single waterproof grommet that we include with the kit. The servo arm and rod ends will not take up any valuable space in the radio box and as a bonus, the only hole to seal is in the top of the box, not at the back. The rods will also be above any obstructions, while still fitting under the cowl. You will be still able to access the radio box easily by simply loosening the clamp on the output shaft and lifting the whole assembly off the shaft. When you are done in the radio box, simply place the clamp, servo arm and rod assembly back on the shaft, re-center the servo and tighten the clamp. Read more about this in the EXTRA INFO section.