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Swivel Transom Mount for G-Drive
: 1003

This is the rugged, 3-piece swivel mount that is included with the drive package. However, if you have more than one boat, you can maximize your investment by using the same motor and drive on all of them. Adjusts vertically and swings up and down to allow for perfect positioning of the prop.


The Lawless Cutthroat G-Drive Mount is constructed from solid aluminum angle 1/4" thick and a center block that is a full 1/2" thick. Self-lubricating bronze bushings in the center block allow the pin to turn easily, and can be replaced if they become worn and sloppy. The swivel pin is hardened steel and the other hardware is all stainless steel for long life, ensuring that you can enjoy your boating with a minimum of maintenance worries.  Comes with screws, washers and nuts shown.

Pair this mount with our transom-reinforcing backup plate kit for maximum strength. Includes alloy steel screws, nuts and washers.