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WindBreaker Water Deflector for G-Drive
: 1018

A little kit for your Lawless G-Drive's gas motor to help keep water splash and spray out of your carb. It helps you choke the engine if it is not starting easily.  It will work on other outboard drive setups as well.


This kit requires some assembly to make it fit your boat's particular setup. You should consider where you want the air intake to allow maximum access to other features and minimize water entry.  All you need to put his kit together is a hobby knife and some silicone or "marine" sealant, a little time and patience. {CA glue will NOT work}. Complete instructions are included to guide you through the process of deciding where the air inlet tube is going to go and fitting it to the cup that covers the carb. Please note, use of this kit will require removal of any "velocity stack" that you may have on your carb. However, the protective benefits are worth any small loss. You will be instructed how to make the cuts and fit the pieces so the finished product will be just right for your setup. Once you have installed the deflector and snapped on the water-tight cap, spray and splash will have a harder time getting into the carb while you are running. But, hey, nothing's ever perfect, we can't guarantee you'll never find water inside the cup, and, of course, if the boat flips, all bets are off. But, when you do see a little water in the cup, simply snap off the lid, wipe out the water, check the carb and put the cap back on. And that thing about choking the engine? Well, just put your hand (or someone else's) gently over the air intake while pulling the rope, and it works just like closing the choke you wish you had.