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Anti-Vibration Motor Mount

Our latest option for the Lawless Cutthroat G-Drive dampens vibration from your motor that might be transferred to your boat hull or other parts and cause damage over time.


Did you know that vibration from your motor can be transferred thru the drive mount to your hull and can cause damage to your boat? Joints can be weakened, screws loosen, and things can come apart unexpectedly. We owe a deep debt of gratitude to the late Joe Monohan who designed this mount and gave it to Lawless for anyone to use. Four rubber dampers, just like the ones in inboard motor cradles, hold the motor firmly, while they absorb any vibration as it runs. No more difficult to use than mounting your motor on the standard mount.  Dapers have been known to fail with use, and we're sorry to say our dampers are NOT interchangerable with most replacement cradle mounts, so we always ship a couple spares in case something haspens to one, and have plenty im stock in case you need more.You should never operate your boat with a broken damper, so we recommend keeping the standard un-dampened mount on hand, just in case.